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Our flagship mineral. Stocker 7, the right fit for ANY operation.

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Stocker 7 with our university tested G-manna-cel, our solution to toxin infected fescue. 


Simple, inexpensive, effective fly control. The most convenient, inexpensive fly control on the market.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture products of sound value for producers in the livestock feeding industry. The depth of studying in nutrition, feeding programs, animal health practices, and feeding techniques make up the strategy of this mission:

We offer for sale only quality products with proven performance as a background for the value of the products we sell. We pledge to render service to you that matches the quality of our products at all times and are open suggestions that we improve our service to the industry and our individual customers whenever it is needed. 

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your animals are your livelihood,

make sure they're healthy

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Aglac is a bacterial product we've designed to help you mitigate shrinkage by decreasing the stress of incoming livestock by promoting a healthy level of bacteria in your animals' stomachs which also assists in digestibility. Which equates to higher feed conversion, which means a healthier animal.

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Yeast extra is our best selling yeast product. It utilizes yeast culture to regulate the pH of the digestive system and feed the good bacteria, promoting digestibility and increasing rate-of-gain.

Gro-Tec Yeast Extra is also shown to decrease the somatic cell count,  and overall feed intake, while also increasing milk       production in dairy cows.

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G-Manna-Cel is our most technology packed product to date. Backed by 3 years of research by Morehead State University in Kentucky,      G-manna-Cel is shown to lower body temperature, reduce grain/forage toxin effect, and stimulate the immune system!


Platinum plus is our do all product for the money conscious manager. Combining the benefits of all three of the before mentioned products and then some, Platinum plus is designed to give every farmer an opportunity to save money through preventative health and increase revenue through increased feed efficiency.

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You know what we don't see in this picture....flies! NO FLIES! Gro-Tec Mineral with Justifly! Do you have flies? (We started introducing it in March)  We also have a 98% breed back rate and the brunt of those ultrasounded to show bred back in the first 30 days!  GroTec for the win!  It has done amazing things for our herd!  Brought us back from the brink of a fescue toxicosis nightmare to 98% breed back!

Jason Schroeder

American Black Hereford's Association

Missouri, USA

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